As the overnight temperatures cool and we all crank up the heat there is a small furry creature looking to come inside. Mice make an appearance in almost every home eventually. Whether you have brand new construction or a sprawling farm house these persistent rodents always seem to find a way. Any opening as large as a number 2 pencil is an access point for a mouse. Forgot to close the garage? Left the door open to bring in groceries? These are also open invitations to mice.

From the streets of Brunswick to the coasts of Rockland, mice have been keeping us busy this fall. So how do you know if you have mice?

What do you hear?

Mice are active at night where as squirrels and bats are heading in and out at dawn and dusk.

What does it sound like?

Sounds are amplified within walls so even a small mouse scratching can sound like a raccoon sized animal.

What do you see?

Mice like to make nests in insulation so check your attic for areas that appear disturbed.

Where’s the food?

Check your kitchen for mouse droppings. Mice are creatures of habit and will revisit a reliable food source.


So you have established you have mice, what’s the big deal?

Mice are incontinent which means everywhere they go they are releasing urine. As stated above mice love established food sources which is typically your kitchen. A mouse running across your countertops can be spreading salmonella to your food prep surfaces.

Mice are also known to chew electrical wires. It many cases we find the plastic coating gnawed on but there are times exposed wires are found. In extreme cases home fires have been linked to this damage.

Mice can be quite disturbing to reside with. Late night scurrying and rustling can keep you awake. Opening cabinets to find two beady eyes staring at you can shake you up. They also breed fast and will out number you not long after they move in.

Professional pest control and exterminator services can assist with all aspects of rodent control. From removing current population to preventing future ones. There are also exclusionary tactics that can be used to limits your home’s accessibility to mice.