Crickets establish infestations within homes in Maine frequently. The most common cricket pests in the state include field crickets, camel crickets and house crickets. During the summer and fall, these three cricket pests invade homes where they may establish a nuisance infestation. Crickets are active at night both indoors and outdoors, and most cricket pest species in Maine are attracted to artificial light sources, like porch lights and indoor lights.

Field crickets are between ½ and ¾ of an inch in length with dark brown to black exteriors, and they are particularly well known for their persistent chirping. Field crickets are abundant in fields, parks and yards and they are strongly attracted to light, which may bring them indoors. Small infestations can sometimes be handled with a vacuum cleaner, but heavy infestations can be overwhelming and even damaging. For example, in more sizable infestations cases, field crickets often damage materials like cotton, linen, silk and wool with their mouthparts, and they are particularly apt to consume clothing items that have become soiled with perspiration and other bodily fluids.

The ¾ long house cricket is yellowish-brown and has pointed wings with three dark bands behind its head. These crickets are particularly abundant within garbage dumps, as well as dumpsters, and garbage bins in residential areas where they are strongly drawn to indoor and outdoor light sources. While outdoors, these crickets consume plant material and dead or injured insects, but within homes, these crickets consume silk, wool and other fabrics. Heavy house cricket infestations can see these materials sustain serious damage. Unlike field and house crickets, camel crickets are not attracted to artificial light, but they still enter homes frequently where they seek out cool damp areas, mainly basements, cellars, garages and crawl spaces. Also, camel crickets are not likely to feed on any sort of fabrics, but they have been known to feed on paper. Camel crickets can be recognized for their ¾ of an inch body length, lack of wings, humped back and tan to brown-colored exterior.

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