Coming across one tarantula on its own can be terrifying, but discovering a room filled with dozens and dozens of hairy spiders is like something out of a horror movie. One motel manager in Norway, Maine got the surprise of his life when he walked into one of his motel rooms to collect payment from a customer and found that the person had been hiding 53 spiders in his room, the plastic cases holding the arachnids spread throughout the room. A number of the spiders that were found are actually illegal to own in Maine without special permits, adding yet another slice of drama to this story.

Andrew Coombs, manager of the Inn Town Motel in Norway, Maine, called the police after he discovered 53 spiders when he went to collect an overdue bill from Sean Schoomaker, who was staying there with his girlfriend Kyla. He ended up evicting them from the motel and first called the Norway Animal Control Office before being redirected to the Maine Warden Service. Warden Tim Coombs has so far cited Schoomaker for possessing three tarantulas that are illegal to own in the state without permits. The remaining 50 arachnids were confiscated to determine if any of them are also illegal species.

The rest of the arachnids were relocated to the wild animal rehab center Mr. Drew and His Animals Too, operated by Drew Desjardins. Desjardins has noted that most of the rest of the arachnids are different varieties of tarantulas, and since only three species of tarantula are legal to own in Maine without having to obtain special permits, it is likely he will find more illegal species amongst the group. In fact, as of now, he has found 30 other illegal species. It is unclear as to where the arachnids will go from here, although Desjardins is hoping they will be able to keep them at his wildlife center to use for educational purposes. So, if you have a love for spiders of the hairy variety, you might be able to see and perhaps even acquire (with the correct permits) one at the center.

What is the highest number of hairy spiders you have ever stumbled upon in the same place at the same time?