House mice (Mus musculus) are considered pests of tremendous economic and medical importance, and they are abundant throughout the US. House mice are considered one of the most successful pest species in the world due to their unique ability to thrive in homes and buildings that are regularly inhabited by humans. House mice invade homes for a number of reasons, but their motivation to seek shelter within heated homes during the fall and winter seasons is the most significant. House mice also enter homes in order to seek shelter from predators, seek human food sources and secure shelter during other types of extreme climatic events.

House mice spread disease in homes by contaminating food sources with their feces, urine and other sources of filth, and they are well known for causing serious damage by gnawing on electrical wires, plaster walls, and furniture upholstery, just to name a few. Amazingly, house mice account for nearly 70 percent of all rodent pest issues that are addressed by rodent pest control professionals, which reflects their superior ability to secure shelter and proliferate within homes.

One reason as to why house mice are so frequently found infesting home has to do with their relatively small size. These secretive pests can squeeze through extremely narrow cracks and entry points on the exterior of homes, and once inside, they require very little living space to thrive. Pest control professionals have stated that an average home contains hundreds of locations where mice can dwell without being noticed, including attic spaces, wall voids, open cavities in appliances and furniture, and beneath flooring. When residents of an infested home are not present, mice leave their hiding places in order to seek out additional sheltered areas and food sources. Mice also come out into the open when residents are sleeping, but they travel rapidly and silently. The house mouse can also survive long periods without water, as their kidneys function in a manner that allows the animals to conserve water.

Have you ever woken up to the sound of mice within your home?