It is no secret that wasps are advantageous as they help pollinate plants and flowers and deter other insects. However, wasps in your home are a dangerous houseguest that can cause harm apart from being a nuisance. Wasps, like any other stinging insects, sting when they are aggravated and feel threatened. Some wasps, such as paper wasps, tend to build their nests in residential yards. So, if a wasp decides that seek shelter in your residence, it is because your house has all the qualities a wasp needs to set up shop and build a nest.

To keep wasps away from your home, it is important to learn what attracts wasps so that you can be mindful of the preventive measures to avoid them.

Without any further delay, let’s explore the top reasons that encourage wasps to live in or around your residence:

Let’s go!

  • Safe Refuge: Wasps always search for a safe, warm, and protected haven. The insulated walls, hidden cracks and cavities, and crevices make your home perfect for wasps to scout and build a nest. Wasps find it attractive to stay underneath your home and inside the walls. During winter, the queen wasps hibernate better in a safe and comfortable place you’re your home.
  • Easy Access: A house with many open entry points will attract wasps, bees, and other pests. Wasps always get in through any open cracks, holes, and open doors and windows that are left open. Even the vents and cracks in your foundation give access to wasps to enter and build nest your house.
  • Insect Availability: After the winter hibernation period, the queen and the worker wasps come out and hover above the ground to hunt for food, such as insects. If your property has an abundance of insects in your backyard or garden, you can expect wasps and other uninvited guests to start building a nest and feast on the supply of insects.
  • Leftover meat: Wasps are not just insect lovers. They feed on scraps of meats during their hunting sprees in the spring and summer seasons. Wasps are fond of protein-based foods, so leftover meat in your trash bin can attract wasps. If you love barbeque parties out in your yard, watch out for wasps, who may be trying to feast on the food on your plate or going after the bits of leftover food.
  • Sweets: During the fall or winter seasons, wasps swap out their love for protein-based foods to sweet foods such as desserts, ripe fruit, jams, honey, and even open bottles of soda or juice. If your bin is full of cooking scraps, make sure to keep them covered tightly and dispose of them properly. Moreover, if your yard is full of fruit trees, expect the wasps to lurk around the fruits or the fallen fruits persistently.
  • Flowers: Anything bright and floral is a wasp magnet. Plus, wasps love the fragrance of flowers. So, if you have a yard in your home or a flowery garden, expect the wasps to swarm in and feed on the nectar. Moreover, if you wear bright colors or sweet or floral-scented perfume, wasps may confuse you as a walking floral arrangement and can be attracted to your aroma.

Wrapping Up

If you can relate to any of the aforementioned traits, your property is at risk as it is highly vulnerable to wasp infestation. Now that you know the reasons that attract wasps, be proactive and remove anything that is an open invitation to wasps. However, if your yard is already invaded by wasps or if you see a wasp nest, do not try any DIY removal methods. Instead, call a professional pest control team to remove them safely.