Have you ever wondered why these annoying pests fly around your house during the winter season? We are talking about wasps.

It is worth knowing that how these pests choose their nests for survival. During winters, these stingers look to nest inside your home as they cannot survive cold temperatures.

Isn’t it interesting to find out why wasps are attracted to your home?

What do wasps think when searching for a home?

Humans look for a home that provides ample space to live comfortably. Unfortunately, wasps aren’t that selective. They will build their nests anywhere as long as they have a sturdy and horizontal base to hang.

Things wasps commonly look are as follows:

Eaves, ceilings, and overhangs:

Wasps build their nests in a secluded place away from human intervention. Eaves, ceilings, and overhangs are the favored nesting places for wasps to protect themselves from predators.

Supply of weathered wood:

Paper wasps use wooden elements to construct their nests. They build their nests by stripping wooden furniture and mix them with saliva to make a paste and build their home. It sounds gross, but a very efficient and intelligent way of building nests.

Insect food supply:

Wasps are beneficial for the environment as they are good pollinators and controls the insect population. They feed on insects by eating bugs and other insects. The bad news is that if they found your home as a suitable nesting place, it means they have enough food sources in and around your home.

Access to indoor shelters:

You’ll be the happiest person to know that wasps made a nest last year around your property and will never reuse the nest again. However, no need to be cheerful as if the Queen has successfully entered your house indoors during the winter season, she can start building the nests all over again after the winter ends.

How to make your home less appealing to wasps:

  • Try to have regular pest control. It is your first line of defense to cut out the wasps from your house.
  • Keep your trash bags in the garage or away from your home to prevent them from coming.
  • Clean up all the fruit trees. It is due to the summer season wasps diet will turn from proteins to sweet sugary food.
  • Put decorative flowers away from your house as wasps tend to pollinate nectars from these flowers.
  • Don’t put water resources around your house. Like every living being, wasps need water for their survival.

Wasps are still attracted to your home:

Sometimes your home looks so appealing to the wasps that they think it is the best real estate place for them to build their nest in summer. Therefore, it is vital to get rid of wasps as soon as you see the early signs of a wasp infestation.

June is the best time to remove the wasp nest. It is because the nest hadn’t grown. The best time to eradicate wasp nests is during the early morning or later evening when the wasps are less active.

Wrapping up:

Though wasps are beneficial pests, they are over-aggressive creatures and can sting multiple times. You can enlist the problems of a wasp infestation to professional exterminators so that they can solve your problem quickly.