Did you know that the humble ant is the number one nuisance pest in the US? Ant home invasions peak during the summer, and of the more than 700 species found in the US, only four have the preference for human habitations.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants can cause the most damage to a home out of any ant species in the US. This is because they act in a similar way to termites. They will burrow inside the wood of the home and build their colony within it. This makes them hard to detect, unless you happen to see them out in the open when they are foraging for food. Getting rid of this ant species quickly is paramount, otherwise they will be able to cause thousands of dollars in damage. Effective control methods include spot on treatments and baits. The latter method can be effective at killing the queen, and as such it is preferred.

Odorous house ants

Odorous house ants are a fairly unremarkable species of ants. They are quite tiny, ranging in size from 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch, with a brown or black coloration. However, if you crush one of them, you will soon understand where the name comes from – they will release a strong, rotten, coconut smell. They are found throughout the US, and their diet mainly consists of sugars. They will also move their nest every three months or in response to heavy rain. In the home, they will live near moisture sources, so you should be particularly careful to make sure that there are no leaky fixtures in the home.

Pavement ants

Pavement ants are much more of a nuisance than a pest, but they can infect food supplies which is why they should be removed from a property right away. They are dark brown or black in coloration, and they get their name because they tend to infest cracks in the pavement. Their diet consists mostly of other insects, bread, honey, honeydew, cheese, nuts and meats. They have also been known to forage at distances of up to 30 feet.

Red imported fire ants

Fire ants have a reddish coloration, and what sets them apart from other species is their painful bite, which usually results in a welt with a white pustule. A single ant is also known to bite multiple times, and its bite can cause allergic reactions. These ants will usually enter the building through the HVAC system, and they can be quite the issue when they are indoors.

If you notice any ants in your home, your best bet is to call a pest control specialist right away. The ants can be anything from a nuisance to a very real threat, so getting the infestation under control as soon as possible is essential. Contact us today if you have any ants in your home.