Mice can infest many areas of the home, including the attic. The attic is actually a great spot for mice, since it is usually cluttered, dark and warm. These are the ideal conditions for raising baby mice, and the attic is not too far away from the kitchen and other food sources on a property. If the mice can travel quickly and safely between the attic and these food sources, they have an ideal hiding spot inside the home. So how do you get rid of a mouse infestation that is in the attic of a building?
Preventive measures
To get rid of a mouse infestation in the attic, you will have to go with the traditional methods of setting up traps and poisons, and then you will have to make sure that any gaps in the exterior of the home are sealed in order to prevent further entry. However, if you want to make sure that an infestation has very little odds of occurring in the future, you will have to go with methods that are a bit more thorough.
The first thing you should do is remove the insulation so that you can find any hidden entry points into the attic. Doing this also has the added benefit of helping you find any mouse waste that was left behind, and remove it. Mouse waste is toxic to inhale, so without this step, you are still open to catching a disease spread by the mice, even after you removed the infestation.
Mice are also able to infiltrate the home through the basement/crawl space, walls or the roof of the home, and then make their way to the attic. This is why you want to be as thorough as possible with your sealing efforts. Look around pipes and wiring, and check for any cracks in the foundation and around your roof joints.
Removing a tough infestation
Sometimes, mouse infestations get out of hand, and it will be very hard to get rid of them without professional products and expertise. In this situation, you will need to call over a pest control specialist to help you get the infestation under control. We can help you here. We offer professional rodent control services designed to deal with mouse infestations of all sizes. If you have mice in your attic and you need some extra help to get rid of them, contact us today.