When we think of nests, we think of small birds up in the trees. However, we rarely think of mouse nests. Well, it’s time to change that. Mice make nests in which they sleep and raise their babies, and they use various materials that they can gather or gnaw around their environment. So the question is, can you find these nests and remove them? Or is there a better way to get rid of an infestation?

What do mice nests look like?

Compared to bird nests, mouse nests are a lot more disorganized, but they do bear some resemblance. The mouse nest consists of various materials that the mice can find around the home. Here are some of them:

  • Insulation and padding – Mice are able to gnaw through furniture in order to find materials for their nests. They may look for the padding inside mattresses, and couches, or they may go for the insulation in the walls.
  • Paper – wrappers, wrapping paper, newspapers, and any other type of paper make perfect materials for mouse nests.
  • String – string is also a great material for mice, and they will either find some that is lying around, or they will chew it off toys, clothes and other objects.
  • Fiberglass – mice don’t shy away from gnawing on fiberglass and then using it as a building material.

Finding and dealing with the nests

Mouse nests look like a giant ball of junk that is about a foot wide, and they will have a small opening through which the mice can enter an exit. To find the exact location of the nest, you can look for areas that have a high density of mouse droppings. These areas may signify the presence of a nest, or the presence of an entry point into the nest. Some common locations for mouse nests include the area behind appliances, behind the hot water heater in the garage, inside the walls, or inside kitchen cabinets.

If you find the nest, you can actually remove it yourself directly. Make sure that you wear a pair of gloves, and that you pick it up fast and throw it into a container or a bucket. There may still be mice inside, and you don’t want them to escape as you are picking up the nest. However, if this seems a bit much for you, you can call over a pest control pro to remove it. Contact us today to set up an appointment or if you have any questions.