Most spider species are quite harmless. They are shy, and they cannot really bite humans because they either have small fangs or weak venom. However, there are two species that you will commonly find in home infestations that are extremely dangerous – the brown recluse and the black widow. One of the ways these spiders get in the home is through the balcony. If the balcony has the right conditions, it will attract these spiders, and they will set up a nest and start hatching out babies. It will not take long until some of these spiders enter the home. As such, it’s important to keep your balcony spider-free.

What attracts spiders?

Spiders are always on the lookout for food and shelter. If you have a cluttered balcony, the spiders will love it. They will be able to set up their webs and catch a lot of flying insects, since these insects are likely attracted to the light coming out of your balcony window. While you cannot really prevent insects from buzzing outside your window, you can definitely remove the clutter on the balcony to lower the odds of a spider setting up.

Will any dangerous spiders set up on my balcony?

Yes. Brown recluse and black widow spiders are likely to set up on your balcony if there is a lot of clutter. While these spiders are not aggressive and they won’t bite you if you are just passing by them, they will bite in self-defense when they feel threatened. So if you have them on your balcony and you are going through the clutter where they set up, you might get bitten. There is also the chance that the spiders will go from the balcony inside the home, increasing your risk.

How do I keep spiders off my balcony?

While there are many repellents that you can purchase or use to keep your balcony spider-free, once the spiders are set up, you will need the help of a pro to remove them. In terms of repellents, you can use substances that you may have readily available, such as vinegar, citrus peels or essential oils, or you can purchase a chemical repellent that you can find at your local stores. If you do have a spider infestation on your balcony, or if you have any questions about spider control and what you can expect from it, contact us today and we will gladly help you out.