All mouse control procedures start with the inspection process. The inspection process helps the pest control pro that you’ve hired confirm that there is an infestation, identify the species responsible, and consider the control options that would be best suited going forward. In this article, we’re going to go over this process and help you understand what you can expect from it.

The entire process starts with finding the right company. You want to check references and reviews, and then talk with several companies to hear their offers. After you set up an appointment with the right company, an exterminator will show up to your home and start the inspection process.

Initially, the exterminator will likely check for holes and cracks to see how the mice entered the home. After that, he will check inside the home for signs of mouse infestation and activity. These signs can include droppings, gnaw marks, and grease marks. Identifying the major areas of mouse activity will allow the exterminator to figure out the most effective trap/bait placement. Once the home has been inspected, the exterminator will move to the attic and the basement to see if there are any nesting spots in there as well.

Once the inspection is completed, the pest control pro will give you an estimate of how much the removal process will cost, and then discuss extra services such as sealing the home against future infestations and disinfecting the home after the infestation is removed.

The control process itself will depend on the size and the location of the infestation. Smaller infestation can be treated using traps. Traps have the advantage of keeping dead mice in one place. When using baits and poisons, mice will likely die in some hard to reach areas of the home, which will make the cleanup process a lot more difficult, but baits and poisons have the advantage of removing large infestations much more quickly.

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