Norway rats are some of the worst pets there are. Not only can they cause damage to buildings and equipment, they are also able to spread a number of dangerous diseases. Having a Norway rat infestation outdoors is almost as bad as having it indoors, since they will eventually enter the building and set up shop inside. So what are some effective ways at getting rid of an outdoor Norway rat infestation? Does destroying their burrows work?

Where do rats burrow?

Norway rats are a very adaptable species, and they can live as comfortably outside as they do inside. They will prefer to burrow in areas that have dense vegetation, because these areas offer them a higher degree of protection and cover against both ground and air predators. When they enter the home, they will prefer either the basement or the ground floor. Outdoors, they may also burrow under sidewalks, outbuildings and similar structures.

Norway rat control options

So does destroying the burrows themselves eliminate a Norway rat infestation? Not really. The rats will simply relocate. In order to destroy an infestation, you will have to destroy the rats themselves. However, before we get to extermination, there are prevention methods that you should have in place.

For prevention, you want to do two things: deny entry, and remove incentives. Norway rats will be able to squeeze through very small entry points in the exterior of the home. Make sure that you repair any damaged screens on your windows and doors. You then want to install screen vents and mesh coverings on your vents and chimneys. Rats are excellent climbers and they will find their way into the home through these openings. Finally, you want to move to sealing, caulking or installing steel wool in any holes and cracks in the exterior wall of the home.

When it comes to making your home less welcoming to Norway rats, make sure that you take out the garbage regularly, and that the trash bins are placed far enough away from the home. You want your crawl spaces, basements and attics to be properly ventilated in order to reduce moisture, and you want to keep the shrubbery in your yard trimmed.

In terms of control, you can either go DIY and use traps, poisons and baits yourself, or you can get in touch with a pro. Contact us today if you have a Norway rat infestation and you need help to get rid of it.