While some pests are truly repulsive and they can do serious harm to both homeowners and their properties, ants tend to be more of a nuisance. Not only that, they have been regarded positively over the ages due to their work ethic and ability to organize. So you may be asking yourself: “Why are ants considered pests exactly?”

Why do ants enter a home?

Ants will enter a home or building in search for food, water, or a suitable nesting location. Most ant species will nest outside in the ground, and venture into the home looking for sustenance. Their favorite foods include a range of products, from meats to sugars, fats and oils, and their preference in food will depend on the species, with some preferring protein, while others prefer sugar. Once an ant finds a food or water source, it will gather its nest mates and start foraging the area, leading to a large number of them appearing all of a sudden in the home. They are also fond of seeds, so if you have an ant infestation in your garden and you are trying to grow new plants, they will steal the seeds and take them back to their nests.

The problem with ant nests

So far, the ants have proven themselves to be nothing more than a nuisance, but they can cause issues when they nest inside the home. Some species may nest inside indoor potted plants, walls, foundations, sinks, toilets, and other enclosed areas. However, carpenter ants are the real issue here, because they can cause extensive damage to the wooden structure of the home, since they will nest inside them in a way that is similar to termites. Other species are attracted to electrical wiring and they can cause a lot of damage by chewing away at the insulation.

Health problems

While most ants pose no serious health threat, there are certain species such as the fire ant which have very painful bites that may require hospitalization if they cause an allergic reaction. Other species will be dangerous if they infest hospitals or veterinary clinics because they will start spreading already existing diseases around the building.

Do you have an ant infestation?

Ants can be unsightly, and depending on the species, dangerous. If you notice ants around the home, it’s best to call a pest control professional before the infestation gets out of hand, especially if you are dealing with carpenter or fire ants. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us today.