As you pack your bags for camping around your house, do not forget to take light clothes with long sleeves and insect repellants. Mosquitoes can be the most dangerous pests. These bugs are known to spread viruses and parasites by making us crazy with itchy bumps.

Spring has come and gone, now welcome to the mosquito season.

Mosquitoes are sensitive to the environment. Summers bring with them a swarm of blood itching mosquitoes. However, we can prevent them by taking preventive measures.

Let us look at some of the summer dangers of mosquitoes.

  • West Nile virus:

West Nile virus discovered in the year 1999 in the U.S. has the risk of catching this virus during summer days due to warmer temperatures. Mosquitoes pass on the virus by biting infected birds. People who are infected with this virus may not show any symptoms at all. However, people with weaker immune systems, older people, and pregnant women may sometimes show severe symptoms.

  • Dengue:

Dengue spreads through these tiny creatures by passing on the virus to the healthy person by biting an infected person. The mosquito transmits four viruses into humans by biting them. Normal dengue fever is not deadly, but hemorrhagic fever is the most deadly dengue fever.

  • Malaria:

Malaria transmits through the bite of an infected mosquito.

It transmits extensively during the summer and spring seasons. The disease eradicated in the early 1950s reared once again in recent years. Headache, back pain, chills, profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cough are the common symptoms of malaria.

Okay. Now you have looked upon various summer dangers of mosquitoes. Let us discuss some preventive measures to take during summers.

Preventive measures:

Take precautions against mosquito bites to protect from the summer dangers of mosquitoes:

  • Mosquito repellants are the safest way to protect from bites. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. Do not apply the mosquito repellants underneath your clothing. Apply on the exposed skin. After applying, make sure to wash your hands properly.
  • If possible during summers, wear light-colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Also, try to cover your hands and legs fully to protect from mosquito bites.
  • Try to avoid using scented perfumes and fragrances as mosquitoes are attracted to these smells.
  • Avoid outdoor activities at the mosquito peak hours from midday until dawn.
  • Repair screens with rips or tears and install screens on the windows.
  • Try to get rid of standing water such as flower pots, trash cans, swimming pool ponds, as mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water.

Final Words

It is best to identify the summer dangers of mosquitoes and how to prevent them. It is a difficult task to eradicate mosquitoes by yourself. Take the help of professional pest control services that will innovate new methods to solve your pest problems. With our mosquito control measures, you can enjoy summer activities and not worry about the mosquitoes interrupting the fun.