The entire purpose of a wasp’s life is to ensure that the nest survives and grows. From the lowliest worker to the queen, they all work together for the success of the colony. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how wasps build and use their nests.

The purpose of wasp nests

Wasp nests have a very limited lifespan. A solitary queen will start the nest in spring, and then the nest will grow until autumn, when all the workers start to die. Building a wasp nest seems like an exercise in futility. However, each nest starts with one queen and ends with several that will go into hibernation. So the purpose of a wasp nest is to ensure that the next generation of queens is born and able to start their own nests in the following year.

How wasp nests are built

Different wasp species will build their nests in different ways. You also have social and solitary wasps, which makes the matter even more complex. Some solitary wasps will build their nests underground, while some social wasps will build large sprawling structures made out of a paper-like material. In general, social wasps will use honeycomb-like structures to house their young and their workers.

How wasp nests are removed

The wasp nest removal process starts with an inspection that will determine the species responsible and/or the location of the nest. Once the nest has been identified, the removal process begins. The idea behind the control process is to set up a perimeter that will kill wasps as they enter and leave the colony. If the nest is out in the open, then insecticide will be applied near the entryway. For paper wasp nests, which are open structure, insecticide can be applied from a distance using a spray, or closeup with the use of a protection suit. Some wasp nests will be hidden, or hard to reach, in areas such as wall voids, or wood crevices, so a gaseous or dust insecticide will be applied, which will create an environment that will kill wasps near the nest.

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