Getting a mouse infestation under control will require patience, poisons and traps, but when it’s all done, you can lay back and relax knowing that you’ve removed a disease-carrying pest from your home. However, a few months later, you may notice the signs of an infestation once again. Why is that? Well, another group of mice have found their way into the home, which is why prevention can be just as important as control. Here is how mice get into the home:

The damage and disturbances caused by mice

Mice are a big problem to have. Not only will they have a psychological impact, especially for people who are afraid of rodents, they also have a direct impact on people’s health and the structural integrity of the home. Rodents are known to spread a plethora of dangerous diseases from salmonella to the plague, which makes them a significant pest. Some of these diseases are spread when mice come into contact with food supplies or commonly used items in the home, while others can actually be airborne.

On top of that, mice will cause physical damage in the home. Mice, like most rodents, need to constantly chew because their teeth never stop growing. As such, they will chew on everything from walls, to various items in the home, and even electrical wiring. This is where things get dicey, because if the mice manage to destroy the insulation on the wiring, they create a fire hazard which can pose a significant threat.

How mice enter the home

So how exactly do mice find their way indoors? Mice are very acrobatic, and they are able to squeeze through any gap that has the same diameter as their head. This is because they have a special bone structure which collapses when it is squeezed, so they can fit through cracks that are a fraction of an inch wide. They are also able to jump very high, climb extremely well, and balance themselves while walking over wiring or pipes. The best way to prevent this from happening is to inspect the home and look for these small gaps in order to seal them.

If mice are already in the home, the best way to deal with them is with the help of a pro. Contact us today if you have a mouse infestation and you would like to have it removed.