Of late, pest control professionals have been extremely busy, dealing with more calls for help than in previous years. One reason might be that, along with urban sprawl, comes the reality that we humans are encroaching on territory traditionally considered habitat of those pests. Vigorous construction activity drives rodents out of hiding, and into homes and buildings – requiring rodent control services to deal with the consequences. Ruthless deforestation has, in turn, necessitates professional ant, bug, bee and wasp extermination.

Pest Control: Should You Go Green?

The issue, however, is that when using powerful chemicals and pesticides in homes and businesses, we’re not just eliminating pests – we’re also posing a health and safety issue for humans. Unfortunately, because property owners don’t know any better, they typically gravitate towards conventional pest control services.

Conventional wisdom is that, mosquito, spider, roach, tick, ant, wasp or rodent control isn’t possible without the use of powerful poisonous bait, or harsh chemical sprays or other chemical treatments. That’s one way – for sure! But even the U.S. Environmental Protestation Agency (EPA) frowns on that approach. As the Agency points out, while generic application of pesticides isn’t typically harmful to humans and habitat, under some circumstances, harsh chemical-based pest control treatments can be dangerous.

  • Some pesticides, such as organophosphates and carbamates, can have adverse impact on the nervous system
  • Other products may cause skin irritation
  • Fumes and spray particles of others may burn the eyes
  • Pesticides may also include cancer-causing carcinogens
  • There are even products that affect the hormones or the endocrine systems of our bodies

Manufactures proudly label many of these products as “long lasting” – meaning, once applied, their harmful impacts can linger on for several days, if not for many weeks or months! Clearly, these traditional approaches at pest, rodent and wasp control aren’t without their challenges to human health and safety. Going green is the better choice.

The Green Pest Defense approach to managing the pest challenge, whether in residential or commercial properties, minimizes the use of pesticides. It focuses, instead, on targeting the application of environmentally-friendly products, and the use of exclusionary techniques.

Doing it the Other Way

You could use traditions and conventions to deal with your pest problems. The downside to that approach, however, is that it releases harmful chemicals on your property, and into the environment. This approach not only harms the pests that reside in and around your property, they also do tremendous damage to foliage, kills garden-friendly insects, and pose a threat to pets and human habitants.

So, is there another way? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES!

Truly effective, green rodent, bug and wasp control is possible, and that’s exactly the philosophy that the family-owned Green Pest Defense team embraces. To yield safe and lasting results, our environmentally-friendly approach involves a blend of biology, knowledge of the environment, and a bit of education. When put together in perfect combination, our way delivers highly effective, and environmentally-safe resolution to any pest issue you may be facing.