As a homeowner, nothing is more unnerving than realizing there may be uninvited guests settling into your home. While we all want to believe our living spaces are secure, small rodents like mice have an uncanny ability to sneak into our living spaces and wreak havoc. Since mice are small, fast, and nocturnal, spotting them can be tricky. However, the signs of a mice infestation are often all around us. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common signs of a mouse infestation so that you can act quickly to eliminate the problem and keep your home safe.

1. Droppings – Mice leave behind small, black droppings about the size of a rice grain. If you see them around your home, particularly in kitchen cabinets, under sinks, or near food sources, you likely have a mouse problem. Be sure to wear gloves and dispose of the feces safely, as they can spread disease.

2. Gnawing Marks – Mice are rodents, which means they never stop growing, making their teeth particularly sharp and pointed. To keep their teeth strong and short, they need to chew on hard materials constantly. As a result, they will chew on anything they can, including walls, furniture, and wires. If you see small, parallel bite marks and chewed materials around your home, it’s a sign you have mice.

3. Strange Noises – Mice are active at night and moving around in search of food, nesting materials, and mates. If you hear scratching, rustling, or squeaking sounds coming from your walls or ceilings, it is a sign that you may have mice living or scurrying around your home. Mice can be particularly noisy, so listen carefully for these sounds.

4. Nests – Mice prefer enclosed, private spaces to build their nests. Common places include inside walls, closets, drawers, and even your attic. If you explore these areas and find any makeshift nests built from materials such as paper, shredded fabric, or grass, mice are likely living there.

5. Sighting of Mice – If you see any of the above signs focusing on one particular area, it’s important to investigate further. Mice breed quickly, so one sighting usually means that several others are lurking somewhere close by.

It is important to act fast if you suspect mice are living in your home. While they may seem small and harmless, mice can carry diseases and may cause serious damage to your home’s infrastructure including electrical wires posing dangers that can be quite expensive to repair. You can start with pest control professionals who will address the infestation and control the mice population in your home. Taking action immediately can prevent infestations and help you keep your home safe and secure.