It is unfortunate if you find the droppings and urine of the mouse. These droppings need to be cleaned and sanitized immediately. If you breathe these droppings or urine, it can cause deadly diseases such as Hantavirus.
Before cleaning and sanitizing, you must eradicate the droppings and eliminate all the infestation. Your next step is, to begin with, the cleaning process wherever you find the mouse droppings.
If you have a mouse infestation, call expert pest control professionals.
Cleaning process of rodent droppings:
First of all, you need protection for the cleaning process. Also, the cleaning process should be thorough.
Remove the droppings:
• Ventilate the areas by opening windows and doors for at least half an hour before the cleaning process. Wear a mask while you are cleaning the mouse droppings.
• Do not use a vacuum cleaner while collecting the rodent droppings. If you use a vacuum cleaner, the pathogens will trap within the vacuum. Instead, you can soak the paper towels in a disinfectant and clean up the droppings.
• Pour a bleach solution and spray on the droppings to dampen them. When you are doing it, cover your face with a mask to protect you from breathing.
• While you are spraying the solution, use rubber gloves to cover your hands. Let the droppings get completely saturated and soaked up.
• Pick the droppings with the help of paper towels and put them in a plastic bag.
• Make sure to seal the plastic bags and put them in a trash bin with a tight lid.
• If you find the droppings inside the attic, make sure to clean the droppings and throw them away in a trash bin.
Cleaning after removing the droppings:
• Wipe off all the floors and surface counters with the help of a chlorine bleach solution. Use paper towels and a mop to clean the droppings.
• After cleaning the mouse droppings, make sure to spray white vinegar and wipe them clean.
• Soak the mop with a disinfectant and wash it with hot water. Before disposing of, seal the paper towels and rubber gloves tightly in a trash bin.
• Steam clean or shampoo the wooden elements if they have any droppings. Clean or wash the clothes with hot water to remove the infection.
• After cleaning up the droppings, wash your wrists and nails with a soap scrub. Try to avoid using an alcohol-based sanitizer to wash your hands.
Make sure the rats are gone:
• Use industrial strength traps such as baits, glue traps, or snap traps to remove the mouse out of your house.
• If you find any dead mouse in your home, dispose of them immediately.
• Try to use plastic towels to pick up the dead mouse and soak the body in a disinfectant.
Wrapping up:
The above steps are precise to remove the mouse droppings. You and your family will suffer from rodent infestation and create dangerous health hazards if you do not follow the proper steps. Sure, now you know how to clean the mouse droppings? But who wants to do this regularly? Prevent mouse infestation by calling professional pest control experts.