York Maine Pest Control

York, Maine  is the perfect city for you if you love a mix of everything. Here, you will find the beautiful beaches and the coastline cliffs absolutely breathtaking.

Whereas the city has one of the most admired ambiances, it unfortunately has pests too. If you have had any form of a pest infestation before – could be from bees, wasps, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, or cockroaches – you know it isn’t something you would wish for a second time.

Are you really willing to give up all York has to offer for fear of pests?  Green Pest Defense is here to help you out with all of your pest problems. Being one of the most reliable pest control companies in Maine, we will will help you keep pests away from your home and property so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home.

Our pest control experts have the right skills and experience to handle any form of pest infestation in your home or workplace. We embrace pest management practices that are friendly to the environment, pets, and children.

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York Maine Ant Control and Exterminator

If you thought ants are not among the most destructive pests known, then you haven’t heard of carpenter ants. These types of ants often target wooden structures and furniture within homes or businesses. Even though they are not as destructive as termites, they can create holes in your furniture and cause annoying piles of excretion as they develop shelter inside the wood and have the potential to cause structural damage.

You cannot control carpenter ants by killing them one by one or with DIY methods. In fact, even identifying them causes confusion among homeowners, and that is why you should contact an expert in carpenter ant control. When you engage us for carpenter ant control, we focus on both elimination and prevention.

We first inspect the area to establish where the ants are located and then determine the most appropriate control measure. We employ various measures to ensure that your home is ant-proof. Don’t let these creatures wreak havoc in your home when we can help. Call us today for ant control and prevention. We will work with you to create a customized protection program to make sure your York property is protected from ants 24/7.

York Maine Mouse & Rodent Control

Mice and rodents can be a nuisance in your home or business. These pests often move into homes, especially during seasonal changes to look for shelter and food. Besides destroying property, mice and rodents can cause numerous diseases and spread viruses such as Hantavirus.

If you suspect that your home is infested with mice and other rodents, call Green Pest Defense. We will carry out a free rodent investigation to determine the rodent species and advise the best strategy to help eliminate them.

Our years of experience in this industry have taught us everything there is to know about keeping rodents away from residential and commercial properties. Call Green Pest Defense now to help you keep your home free from rodents and mice and keep your family protected 24/7, and ask us about our Complete Home Defense program.

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If you are still not sure whether to trust Green Pest Defense with the protection of your home against pests, here’s why we are the best pest control company in Maine:

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