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Tips For A Pest free Holiday Season!

As the season of holiday cheer commences, families across the nation are preparing for a busy month of socially distanced gatherings and virtual celebrations. While it’s easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle of the holidays its important to stay alert for pests, especially as you begin decorating for the holidays. Homes are especially prone to infestations this time of year as homeowners bring fresh greenery indoors to [...]

November 16th, 2020|

Pests To Lookout for this Winter!

Rodents are said to invade 21 million homes in the U.S. each winter, bringing with them bacteria and pathogens that can spread to your family. These pests can even gnaw on the structure of your home and on electrical wires. To keep rodents out, seal all cracks and holes leading into the house. Cockroaches are filthy insects that can survive in almost any weather condition. It is important to practice [...]

November 5th, 2020|

Signs You Have A Mouse Problem | Maine Mouse Exterminator

Rodents can spread 200 different pathogens and 35 diseases to humans. While rodents are a problem year-round, they invade an estimated 21 million U.S. homes each fall and winter, making proper identification crucial to preventing an infestation. To help homeowners spot and stop an infestation before it can take hold, Green Pest Defense is sharing the top six signs that one or more are lurking behind the walls: Droppings: Fecal [...]

October 26th, 2020|

Winter Chill Forces Rodents and Other Small Pests Indoors

With cold weather and snow blanketing much of the country, homeowners aren’t the only ones seeking shelter indoors. Green Pest Defense warns that rodents are also looking for a warm place like our homes to escape the winter chill. Unfortunately, these small pests can cause more than just a headache for homeowners if they gain entrance inside. Rodents can contaminate food sources and serve as vectors of many diseases, such [...]

October 16th, 2020|

Tips to enjoy holiday festivities without scary encounters with pests

As the fall chill returns to the air and the nights grow longer, homeowners across the U.S. are preparing for the beginning of another busy holiday season. While deciding what type of candy to buy for trick-or-treaters might be top of mind for many this October, Green Pest Defense is reminding Americans nationwide that spooky pests have something else to plan for this time of year. Although trick-or-treating might look [...]

October 9th, 2020|

Infestations Of House Mice Account For Nearly 70% Of All Rodent Pest Issues Addressed By Professionals

House mice (Mus musculus) are considered pests of tremendous economic and medical importance, and they are abundant throughout the US. House mice are considered one of the most successful pest species in the world due to their unique ability to thrive in homes and buildings that are regularly inhabited by humans. House mice invade homes for a number of reasons, but their motivation to seek shelter within heated homes during [...]

September 29th, 2020|