Ant infestations can range from bothersome to downright dangerous, depending on the species responsible for the infestation. In the latter case, you have all the more reasons to get rid of the infestation as soon as possible, because ant infestations can last for a very long time.

How ant infestations start

All ant colonies have a humble beginning – they start with a single queen. The odds of survival in these early stages are slim to none, but once a colony gets going, it’s very unlikely that it will die out until the queen dies of natural causes. This can take a while, because ant queens are long-lived, with some species having queens that can live for decades.

Ant infestations themselves can start either with a colony or a group of workers and queens may split off from an existing colony and enter the home, depending on the species.

The reason why ant infestations can go on for a long time

Besides the relatively long life of the ant queen, the reason infestations very rarely die of natural causes is because ants are very resilient. For example, there are species that will build rafts out of their own living bodies to float on the surface of the water during a flood and protect the queen and its brood. Other ant species, such as the pharaoh ant, which is capable of spreading over a dozen diseases, will have multiple queens and build several outposts across an infested building.

Destroying an infestation

So, if you have an infestation, the only way to really deal with it is to try to destroy it as soon as possible. For this, you will likely need the help of a professional. While certain ant species are mostly harmless and can be kept out of the home using repellents, some species, such as carpenter, pharaoh, and fire ants, have to be completely removed to prevent damage to the home and threats to your health.

If you’re dealing with an ant infestation, don’t wait any longer to take action. Contact our team of pest control experts today and we will help you get the infestation under control. With years of experience under our belt and advanced treatment techniques, we’ll be able to quickly and effectively eliminate the ant colony and implement prevention methods that will keep your property safe for the foreseeable future.